Cultural and Scenic in the Balance Half Day Tour

Half Day Tour, a balance of culture and scenery, a tour of the Villages, Mdina and the amazingly picturesque north-west coast.

The tour starts with a drive through Attard, Balzan, and Lija, 3 quaint late medieval villages nestled below Mdina. These were built when the inhabitants of Mdina, no longer felt the need to live behind walls.

Mdina, the walled city, is the old capital that precedes Valletta, where it will be a walking tour, to take in the charm of, this now 'silent city'. Perched on a hilltop, Mdina has an irregular plan of narrow winding streets, planned with defence in mind. This mediaeval city, was from all times, the seat of the island's nobility, their centuries-old, inward looking palaces, adorning the streets of Mdina.

The remainder of this half day excursion, will be taken up with a scenic tour of the North West part of the island, a lovely coastal stretch. Do a short walk along the promontory dividing Golden Bay from Ghajn Tuffieha, with its stunning view of a succession of beaches, next travel up to the town Mellieha, with its panoramic view from by the 300 year-old church, giving views of Mellieha bay down below, and the sister islands in the background, then continue on to the Marfa ridge, with ocean views on either side. Finally drive round to St. Paul's Bay, a stretch of shore very pretty and old world, enjoying vistas of the untouched rugged landscape across.

Malta guided tour by Amy Pace
View of Mellieha Bay from up high

Malta guided tour by Amy Pace
Ghajn Tuffieha
Mdina Malta guided tour by Amy Pace
Sleepy Mdina
Ghajn Tuffieha Malta guided tour by Amy Pace
A series of sandy beaches, each separated by headland
Mellieha Church Malta guided tour by Amy Pace
Church of Mellieha
Coast Malta guided tour by Amy Pace
Popeye Village Malta guided tour by Amy Pace
The picturesque Popeye's Village in Mellieha